What to Expect From Craven & Co.’s Apprenticeship Training

We spoke with two Craven & Co. employees about their apprenticeship experience at our company.

Wondering what it takes to kick off a career in manufacturing? Two former apprentices, James Ward and Charles Nelson, chatted to us about how they began their career paths with Craven and Co. through taking on the challenge of an apprenticeship.


Why choose an apprenticeship?

James and Charles knew after leaving school that further education wasn’t the right choice for them. Apprenticeship training offered them the opportunity to get hands-on experience at the beginning of their careers.

We offer different types of apprenticeships, and Charles and James took different routes within our company. For Charles, an apprenticeship with Craven & Co. meant working in our factory while studying for a Level 2 PEO and Welding NVQ, while James worked in our offices alongside studying for a Level 3 Business Administration NVQ. 


How does an apprenticeship work?

The type of work an apprentice does will depend on what they’re studying for and what ambitions they have for their career. Apprentices will spend a dedicated amount of time working in relevant internal departments, starting with entry level tasks and progressing to more skilled work as their confidence and knowledge grow. 

Charles’ apprenticeship in production meant that he worked in a number of different areas, including welding, wirework, the coating plant and assembly, whereas James tried different tasks across sales, marketing, customer service, accounts and purchasing. 

Having a wide range of experience and the opportunity to try out different roles is a huge benefit of taking on an apprenticeship. Both Charles and James spent time in our warehouse over busy periods, ensuring that they know how everything works throughout the business.


How can an apprenticeship shape your career?

Both of our former apprentices have excelled since they first joined our team, having stuck with Craven & Co. since 2016. 

After his time as an apprentice welder, Charles has become a full time member of our welding team. He’s gained an in-depth knowledge of our products and processes and is continuing to learn from our senior welders. 

James has also stayed with us, and since joining our team, worked in marketing and customer service before becoming an account manager last year. His knowledge across the business has helped him to effectively serve customers and spot new opportunities for our company, making him a valuable asset to our business.

Despite being younger than the rest of our team, Charles and James feel respected at work. Although their studying days may be over, they’re still learning on the job and are helping our company grow even further.


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