Why Craven & Co were the ‘Perfect Fit’ for the NHS Supply Chain

Craven & Co were first approached by Andy Walsh (NHS Supply Chain) at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in March of 2020 with an urgent requirement for the Nightingale hospitals that were being put together to deal with the serious situation we were facing. Of course we said yes and got to work straight away! Here are a few words from Andy himself…


“I was first made aware of Craven & Co due to their Storage and Handling capabilities during the COVID 19 pandemic, after meeting with them and seeing the knowledge and manufacturing capabilities I started working with them to provide IV stands to support the Nightingale Hospital rollouts. The Team at Cravens showed they can turn discussions in to reality very quickly, manufacturing over 12,000 IV stands manufacturing them at 1 every minute and opening up during lockdown for 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. After working with Craven on this project I knew they would be a great supplier to have on the NHS Supply Chain and after passing the tender process for the current Medical Healthcare Furniture framework, they were welcomed into the fold. 

Since then whenever I have someone asking for medical shelving, medical trolleys or even be-spoke items, Craven & Co come to mind and are a company I would recommend”  Andy Walsh – Category Procurement Specialist – Medical Healthcare Furniture & Electrical Cleaning NHS

We have gone from strength to strength within the medical sector and a lot of the success can be contributed to the growing partnership between Craven & Co and the NHS Supply Chain. For further information on our medical or another range please contact us.

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