Signs You May Need Replacement Racking

When you purchase new equipment, you expect it to last. However, if you choose an attractive price over high quality and durability, you may find wear and tear to be a common issue, causing you to look for replacements more frequently than you’d like.

Insufficient or broken racking can not only halt workflow and make different processes less effective, but it can also pose health and safety risks for staff and customers, depending on the environment. 

To ensure you’re never left with broken or irreparable equipment, we’ve put together some things to look out for that might indicate you need replacement racking/shelving.  

Constant fixes

Fixing your racking if anything goes wrong is a good thing, and general maintenance is a healthy practice for your equipment. However, if you’re finding these fixes are becoming more frequent than they should be, it’s time you looked for alternatives.

There could be many reasons for breakages – general wear and tear or overloading your racking with too much weight to name a few – but repair after repair will not fill your employees with confidence, and is not great for health and safety purposes. New racking from a quality manufacturer will last you years, if not a lifetime!

Bending shelves/beams

Your shelving beams will naturally move and bend slightly when items are being stored, but the problems arise when shelving stays deflected when items are removed. This shows that shelves could be damaged beyond repair. 

The risks of falling stock and unsteady shelving can become dangerous, so it’s important to purchase racking that can cope with various weight loads. At Craven, we can work to bespoke requirements and dimensions, ensuring you’re getting exactly what you need to cope with different demands.

Rust or corrosion

Rust checks should be a standard practice with your equipment as this can be an indicator of weakening metal. If there is a build up or rust or corrosion, your racking may be unable to withstand certain weights or temperatures. This can quickly become dangerous as the likelihood of collapsing racking increases.

There is no real way to fix the problem of rust and corrosion, so it’s certainly worth making a new purchase. Here at Craven, we supply a range of racking suitable for many different industries, including catering, medical, mortuary, retail and more. Many of our customers have commented on just how long their racking stays in pristine condition thanks to our quality design and manufacturing processes. Get in touch if we can help!

Space issues

If your racking isn’t enough for the items and supplies you need to store, then it may be wise to reconsider your options. Bigger, stronger racking will be able to hold larger loads and there will be a reduced risk of breakages as a result. Having issues with space and load weights may not necessarily mean your racking is faulty, but simply the fact that your current system isn’t working for your needs. 

If you need any recommendations for the right racking for your needs, get in touch with the team at Craven who will be happy to assist.

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