Product Spotlight: Drug and Medicine Dispense Trolley

In today’s medical world, organisation is key to ensure each day is a success. Medical professionals need the right equipment to assist in day-to-day tasks and ensure they can carry out their jobs in an effective way. Here at Craven, we have an extensive knowledge in how to help those in the medical sector, and one particular product in our medical range is perfect to provide a complete solution to dispensing medicines to patients.

Craven’s Drug and Medicine Dispense Trolley

As a new product in our medical range, our Drug and Medicine Dispense Trolley has been designed in such a way that brings those who look after patients a complete solution, not only for storing medicines and drugs, but also for distributing and dispensing them too.

Our trolleys are hygienically designed with practicality in mind. You’ll find this trolley is incredibly easy to clean and sanitise at regular intervals thanks to the materials used, with Epoxy coated in dark grey and laminate faced MDF.

Features of the Drug and Medicine Dispense Trolley:

  • 2 x 100mm swivel castors with total stop brakes. This gives the trolley more flexibility and helps with manoeuverability from patient to patient.
  •  Corner bumpers. These will not only protect your trolley when manoeuvering, but will also protect staff and patients.
  • Light-weight. Again, this will help when manoeuvering the trolley around different wards and departments.
  • 3 compartment lockable storage cabinet. This ensures all medicines and drug supplies are kept safe and secure when not in use.
  • 2 tray shelf capacity. This is great for that extra storage space or to separate different drugs/medicines when needed.
  • Lift up side table. This can be used as surface space for writing or filing patient information, or simply for organising the appropriate medication before distributing it to patients. 
  • Hinged lid with slam lock for added protection and security.

Standard warranty applies.

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