A week for complaints – Craven are here to help!

Nobody likes receiving complaints. But we see them as an opportunity to improve.

Complaint #1

Last week a dealer sent us an email accompanied by 2 images:

“The kitchen staff had just put some fruit bowls on this item when the shelf collapsed. The customer believes this is down to the welding. Could you advise on what the course of action will be?”

The reply was quite straight forward – they weren’t our trolleys. We knew exactly what the problem was though, so we happily offered our solution.

It wasn’t the welding that was the issue, our General Purpose Stainless Steel Catering Trolleys are fully welded. You can see from the second image that this trolley was bolted and it’s this that had caused the collapse.

All self-assembly flat-pack trolleys are more likely to sustain this type of damage. The bolts come loose and eventually fall out.

Now, we really love our trolleys. So, if you ever have to field an enquiry of this nature, get in touch and we’ll help you out:

  1. We’ll tell you the technical name for this damage. This one had gone trapezoidal.
  2. We’ll tell you why flatpack trolleys are more likely to go trapezoidal (it’s all about pivot points) if you’re really interested.
  3. If you send us an image and buy a replacement from us we’ll reduce your net price by a further £10.00.

But here’s the twist – just because a trolley is fully welded it doesn’t mean to say that you’re guaranteed peace of mind, as that can depend on who you buy it from…

Complaint #2

A couple of days later we got an email from another one of our dealers with these images:

The images were accompanied by an email asking us if this was one of our Tray Clearing Trolleys. The answer again was easy – no!

Apart from the fact our Tray Clearing Trolleys look nothing like this, the runners have been very badly welded to the frames and the castors weren’t fitted correctly.

We do however think we know which company supplied this. They’re not a manufacturing company – which you can probably tell from the pictures.

As a decent bunch of Yorkshire folk we weren’t about to leave our customer in the lurch. We provided them with an equivalent design that would work and was fit for purpose.

Now we’re not saying that we are perfect, and occasionally our trolleys have the odd issue too. The major difference when issues do occur is our service, we take ownership and make sure issues are resolved ASAP.

For that extra peace of mind, our range of Stainless Steel Catering, Cutlery and Tray Clearing Trolleys come with guarantees of up to 3 years. They are trusted to serve in locations all over the UK including the Houses of Parliament, Schools, Universities and NHS Hospitals.

So, if you want to avoid awkward conversations and complaints from your customers, there’s an easy solution, buy a Craven & Co trolley – simple really!

To get a copy of our latest Trolley brochure please email us here or alternatively call one of our Sales Team on 01423 796200.

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