How to order your bespoke shelving and storage from Craven & Co.

If you need something more specific than usual, we’re happy to help. Here’s how to order bespoke shelving and storage from us!

Sometimes, you need something a little different to perfectly match your company’s needs – and we’re here to help. At Craven, we make all of our bespoke products in Britain, meaning we can take a hands-on approach to designing a product that works for you.  

If you’re interested in ordering something bespoke from us soon, here’s how to do it!


Tell us what you need from your bespoke shelving or storage 

To get started, simply get in touch with our team by phone or email. We’ll arrange a call with our Business Development Manager or Account Manager to chat more about what you require, such as information about the product type, the quantity, material, application sizing and lead time.


Designing your bespoke product 

Once we’ve gotten to grips with your business and the bespoke product you need, we’ll pass on all this information to our expert production team. 

From here, our production team will discuss the best manufacturing processes for your bespoke order and provide the sales team with a detailed concept drawing. 

You’ll get the chance to review the original concept drawing, and we’ll make any and all tweaks needed based on your feedback to make sure your bespoke product is just right. This process usually takes about a week, and once the design is approved, we can move forward.


Moving on to manufacturing 

With the drawing signed off, we can now move on to manufacturing your bespoke shelving or storage. Firstly, the drawing and quantities required are passed on to the estimating team, who will calculate a quotation and estimated lead time for our sales team. This usually only takes a couple of days.

After that, we’re good to go. Once you’ve placed your order, an acknowledgement and delivery date will be provided within 48 hours. Your bespoke items will be manufactured and, provided they pass our rigorous quality control tests, will be delivered to you as promised. We usually take around 4 weeks to manufacture a bespoke product, but this can vary depending on what you’ve ordered.

We hope you love your bespoke order! Once it’s with you, we’ll organise a meeting with our sales team to make sure everything is what you expected and get any feedback you may have for us. 


Need something specific for your business? We’d love to hear more about your bespoke shelving and storage needs. Get in touch with us at 01423 796 200 or to arrange an initial meeting with our team!

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