How to Choose the Right Shelving Finishes and Coatings

Choosing the right finish or coating for your shelving solution is crucial to ensure its practicality and durability in your business’ environment… But it can be difficult to figure out what will work best for your company’s needs and setting.

Choosing the wrong finish can result in having to purchase storage solutions sooner than usual due to faster wear and tear. Not only is it more costly, but it can also cause the products to deteriorate much faster than they should. The good thing is, this can be easily avoided by choosing the right coating or shelving from the start.

Here at Craven, we are able to offer a variety of different shelving finishes to ensure that the products are fit for purpose and to provide you with robust, durable and long-lasting storage solutions. We understand how important it is to get your shelving solutions just right, which is why we are here to help you choose the best option for your business. 

Take a look at our guide below to see what we offer and to help you choose the perfect finish for your shelving needs!


Nylon Coating

This silver grey powder coating is applied to wire shelves with a mild steel base material. Its thermoplastic material hardens when cooling and, best of all, it is durable and not easily damaged or scratched by daily use. Our Nylon Coating is specifically designed to tolerate a wide range of temperatures from anywhere between -40C to +110C. It is also a food contact certified coating, which is ideal for use in cold/freezer rooms and for wet food storage. 


Bright Chrome and Zinc Chromate Plated 

These coatings are meant for products with a mild steel base material. The Bright Chrome finish is hard-wearing and durable while also being visually appealing! The Zinc Chromate Finish is zinc-plated and spray-coated over a primer base before being baked to ensure durability. Both finishes are ideal for dry storage in busy environments. On the other hand, these finishes are not suitable for cold rooms, fridges or freezers where they would rust over a short period of time as they are not designed for corrosive environments.


Stainless Steel

These electropolished wire and solid shelves are made completely out of 304-grade Stainless Steel so no coating is used or required! With their high nickel and chromium content, the 304-grade of Stainless Steel offers excellent protection against corrosion. Stainless Steel is particularly recommended for laboratories as well as pharmaceuticals and medical environments.


Epoxy Coating

This coating is made of a white-powder-coated epoxy that is applied to solid shelves with a mild steel base material. After being spray-coated over a primer base and baked, the epoxy powder produces an exceptionally hard finish. This makes your shelving solutions resistant to impact and abrasions. An Epoxy Coating is therefore ideal for medical use and high-impact environments but it should not be used in cold rooms.


To learn more about our shelving finishes and coatings, give us a call on 01423 796 200 or send us an email to and we’ll be more than happy to help! 

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