How Can Craven & Co. help the Medical Industry?

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry over the past year due to the pandemic, it has become extremely important for medical professionals to maintain heightened levels of hygiene when moving in and around hospitals. We always make sure our medical storage and handling solutions are both easy to clean and manoeuvre. We use high-quality stainless steel, which is durable and ideal for sterile surfaces.


What kind of products does Craven offer the medical industry?

From swab racks to instrument trolleys, we’ve got the industry covered! Our glove box holders, sanitiser and apron dispensers are ideal for quick and easy access to hygiene products. We also offer medical records and ward notes trolleys making it easy to record and store patient notes. 

Our range of self-administration cabinets are a perfect storage solution to assist patients in the self-administration of medicine. The cabinets are secured with a single-point locking system and can be wall-mounted when necessary. 

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How can Craven help the medical industry with its product requirements? 

Our trolleys are available in different sizes and colours, making them easy to distinguish. With professionals requiring trolleys that can be transported easily, we have added stop brakes to allow them to easily dispense medicine to patients and to keep the trolley stationery while loading/unloading. 

With hospitals often looking for specific product requirements, we are able to offer bespoke options with many of our medical-related solutions. Please get in touch with our team today for more information: 

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