Get To Know Our Business Development Manager, Phill!

This month, we took some time to get to know our Business Development Manager, Phill Brown. Check out what he had to say, below! 


What is your role at Craven? 

My role at Craven is to find new business in existing or new sectors, look after all new business enquiries and speak with customers who have not used Craven for a while to help them understand how we can work together and what we can manufacture.


What does a typical day at Craven look like for you? 

A typical day can be very varied. I can be working with new customers to develop any new products they need for their clients. I could also be working on fitting out rooms, whether dry storage or cold rooms with our British-made shelving options. Alternatively, I could be prospecting to bring in new customers to Craven and helping them understand how we can work together.


What are your main responsibilities at Craven? 

My main responsibilities are to bring in new clients, help my current customers get everything they need when they need it and maintain good communication levels.


What did you do before joining the team at Craven? (A little bit about your background) 

Before working with Craven I had been in sales for 20 years across numerous industries. I started by door knocking and working in the energy markets (Gas and Electric), I then moved into other sectors such as office fit-out, outsourced telesales and IT information. I then spent 8 years working for a marketing agency, and immediately prior to Craven, I sold into the care sector.


What motivates you at work? (Are there specific values that drive you?) 

I get great satisfaction from seeing projects (especially new product development) from initial enquiry to it going out of the door. I enjoy working with our various other departments, whether it be in Technical, Customer Service, Production, Shop Floor or Office, to fulfil customer requirements. 


What do you enjoy most about business development and your role at Craven? 

I enjoy many things about my BDM role: the variety of customers I can speak with on a daily basis, working with the team on bespoke opportunities and the freedom Craven allows me to do my job.


Many thanks to Phill for taking the time to tell us more about his role at Craven. It’s great to have you on board! 🎊

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