Craven: The Beauty of Being British

From British wit to British history, countrysides to cuisine, this little nation has so much to celebrate. That is why, as a distinguished British brand, we are proud to flaunt our Yorkshire manufacturing processes. 

At Craven, we are honoured to serve this great nation of businesses. Our brand is transparent in its production processes: we source a lot of our materials and resources locally and unlike most, we are looking to obtain an equal balance of price and quality of materials when manufacturing. 

So many people ask us, why are we so eager to source locally? There are many reasons why our team endeavour to maintain this reputation and today we would like to share them with our customers. 

A boost to the economy is a boost to us all

In this uncertain economic time, it is key that we all come together to boost our economy by shopping local. By sourcing as many of our materials in the UK, as we can, we are doing our part to support the British manufacturing economy.


High-quality materials

One of our top objectives is to satisfy our customers; this is accomplished by purchasing high-quality materials for our products. That way we can ensure durability and longevity of the products we manufacture, fulfilling our customers’ needs. 

Faster shipping 

By sourcing locally, Craven meet customer demands through shorter lead times. This means we can provide high level service and development on a much wider scale. If a customer would like an alteration to their product, we can access the resources to make this change promptly and provide the best customer service possible.

Proud of home-grown heritage and our manufacturing expertise, we are committed to providing high-quality, innovative products made in the UK. 

Now that’s something to celebrate.

If you’re interested in learning more about our products, then contact us on 01423 796 200 or email and we’ll be happy to help.

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