York Hospital Theatre Refurbishment

York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust undertook a major refurbishment of their Theatre Storage facilities through  our York Hospital Theatre Refurbishment. This included significant structural as well as equipment, furniture and storage refreshes. Craven became involved in the project when we were sent building plans and asked to quote for standard Firmashelf Shelving and Medicare Trolleys in the stores; therefore as part of this process we visited the site with York NHS Trust Staff.

In effect, it became clear that many of the Medicare Trolleys were to transport equipment between stores and theatres. Hence they would be loaded up, emptied and re-loaded several times a day. Our Refurbishment Team were however told by auditors that some of the open trolleys needed to be enclosed to improve infection control.

At Craven, designing bespoke products is something we do every day. Likewise, we wanted to ensure that the proposed solution met the main objectives of the trust. As ever, we took an innovative approach to the design process. We identified the three main areas to focus on as optimum use of space, satisfaction of audit requirements and above all, value for money.

Ultimately, the Trust needed trolleys and there’s no escaping that a trolley will always occupy a footprint. Craven couldn’t reduce the footprint of a trolley. We could create a solution that utilised the fresh air above the trolleys and provide significant storage capacity. This idea formed the basis of what became known in the Trust as the Trolley Reloading Unit.

Everyone agreed designs. Craven manufactured the products and a Craven Installation Team transported them in sections to the hospital. Used for some months now, the staff in Theatre Stores can’t speak highly enough of them.

As a result, Craven have decided to extend their very successful Medicare Trolley Range to include Tambour enclosure options. To find out more about this product please contact the Craven & Co Sales Office on 01423 796200 or email us at info@craven-solutions.com and the team will be more than happy to help.

Don’t just take it from us…
“Craven’s contribution to the York Hospital Theatre Refurbishment Project was the latest in a series of very positive contributions they have made to improve the efficiency and achieve the aims of the Trust. They are always willing to provide innovative solutions to our problems. We find them excellent value for money and they are very easy to work with. They’re always ready to go the extra mile to help us through challenging times for the NHS.” – Ian Willis, York Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


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