High Density Storage Solution

High Density Storage Solution – how Craven’s vast capabilities proved useful to a Wales Hospital.


As your Father no doubt told you “you can’t get a quart in a pint glass”, in actual fact both of Craven’s main sectors of operation, Catering and Medical want exactly that in terms of their storage requirements. Businesses and Organisations quickly out grow their premises and this often leads to storage issues.

Traditionally shelving has been set out in parallel lines of bays or in an L or U shape around the walls of a room which (if the customer has the space) is ideal. It leaves plenty of room for staff to access the shelves and move from one location to another.

Solution – High Density Storage Solution.

The Craven High Density Firmatrack makes optimum use of available space, it is available as either a manual or mechanical System and in a nutshell mounts our shelving on a pair of tracks which means that the user has unrestricted access to the stored items only when they need to retrieve stocked items.

The images show a Firmatrack solution that we installed in a Hospital in Wales which nearly doubled the amount of storage available in comparison to a traditional Shelving Layout

The Key Points of the system are:

  • Surface Mounted Tracks suitable for most floor finishes
  • Mobile and static plinths can house multiples of shelving either side by side or back to back
  • The system is available in all our shelving finishes
  • 12 months guarantee as standard, maintenance contract available
  • Mobile Bays carry 1,000kgs (subject to floor type)
  • All track and shelving installed Craven representative
  • Each mobile base has a brake mechanism as standard
  • Uneven surfaces can be adapted to
  • Excellent for good inventory control, process flow optimisation,
  • Safe loading weights and stock rotation
  • Free planning and site survey


The images show a project in a Hospital in Wales. But, this is a product that we regularly design and install in Catering environments.

The Room Layout Drawing shows the same room with the 4 tier shelving laid out in a traditional best fit format and a Firmatrack layout. The traditional layout provides a usable storage area of 32 sq. m whilst the Firmatrack Layout additionally provides a usable storage area of over 52 sq m, an improvement of over 60%.


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