Care Instructions For Your Stainless Steel Product

To make sure you get the very best from your new purchase we have put together some care instructions that will help you get many years of continued use.

Because of the high standards of design and engineering that goes in to every Craven product we want you to make the most of your purchase.


What should you do?

DO use a hot soapy cloth to clean stainless steel

DO wipe down your product with a dry cloth after washing the stainless steel

DO wipe away liquid spills


What shouldn’t you do?

DO NOT use abrasive cleaners on stainless steel

DO NOT leave wet clothes or cleaning materials such as wire wool on the surfaces as these can discolour the stainless steel.

DO NOT clean with strong bleach

DO NOT soak cloths or materials in bleaching fluids in the bowl over several hours. (if applicable)

DO NOT use concentrated disinfectants on stainless steel.

DO NOT use strong acids on your stainless steel.

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