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Here at Craven Solutions, we use our expertise and experience of more than 60 years to design bespoke solutions for a wide range of clients. We ensure our team is up to date on the knowledge and with the latest technologies to ensure our work can be completed to the best possible standard for exceptional customer satisfaction.

We pride ourselves on our ability to create complete bespoke solutions for a range of industries and over the years, we’ve helped a variety of clients with essential work. Here are just some of the bespoke solutions we have created to make the lives of those in a variety of sectors easier.

IV Drip Stands and Nylon Shelving for the NHS

Throughout the last few months, we’ve created a number of products in larger volumes to assist the NHS in their admirable work throughout the global pandemic. We were asked to manufacture IV drip stands for use in the NHS Nightingale hospitals around the country and more recently, we’re helping the NHS once again with Nylon shelving to be used in large freezers. These freezers will store blood plasma for COVID-19 testing in order to help find a cure. We are once again very proud to be supporting the NHS in the nation’s fight against the pandemic.

Commercial solutions

Over the years, we’ve had commercial requests that required a completely different approach to the norm, resulting in bespoke customised dimensions and configurations which our staff have excelled at throughout the manufacturing process. From shelving and space-saving units with very specific requirements to wire products for wire-ware, refrigeration, ovenware, catering and retail sectors, to name but a few, we’ve given our clients a complete bespoke solution to their needs.

Whichever industry you’re in and whatever project you want to accomplish, Craven Solutions can help you get there. All our products are designed and manufactured at our UK premises, meaning we remain hands-on throughout the whole process to ensure that the final product meets and even exceeds your expectations.

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As with every product we make, we work with trusted British suppliers to offer high quality at a low cost. We offer short lead times and are able to provide small batch and larger product volumes thanks to our UK manufacturing facility and network of local partners.

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