Avoid Global Shipping Delays With British Manufacturing

Over the past few months, many industries have seen a rise in shipping costs and major import delays due to the effects of Brexit and COVID-19 combined, which is making it harder for businesses to get the stock and supplies needed to keep their business running.

Many businesses rely on global imports, and where it used to be relatively simple to get deliveries, businesses are now having to prepare for incredibly long delays.

With Craven, you don’t need to worry about global shipping delays

When you’re a British manufacturer like Craven, global delays aren’t a problem. We bypass this problem by creating the majority of our products in our Yorkshire factory

Because our products are manufactured here in the UK, our processes become much smoother and we can fulfil our customer orders in a more organised and efficient way.

Why we’re a thoroughly British manufacturer  

Being a British manufacturer is important to us, and there are many reasons why we choose to design and manufacture over 90% of our products at our Knaresborough premises. 

  • We can ship and deliver our products across the UK in a timely manner, meaning our customers aren’t waiting for long periods of time for a finished product.
  • Our team are knowledgeable, professional and incredibly skilled at their craft, ensuring high quality, robust products are being manufactured at all times.
  • We can easily communicate with our customers about bespoke needs and chat about progress and requirements in real time without delay.
  • Craven support Made In Britain to promote quality manufacturing.

The future of manufacturing and shipping

Whilst we don’t know what the future holds for global manufacturing and shipping, there will continue to be delays and a potential rise in costs for the foreseeable future, but what is clear is that British manufacturing will continue to be the lifeline that UK businesses need in recent times. 

With the development of vaccines for COVID-19 and new, more organised processes for shipping out products, this will hopefully create more positive change for global manufacturers in the long run.

Worried about global shipping and container delays? Speak to Craven for British delivery and peace of mind

By choosing Craven, you don’t need to worry about delays. We manufacture storage and handling products to many industries including catering, medical, retail and education to name but a few. We also manufacture products to bespoke specifications and dimensions. If we can be of assistance, give the Craven team a call today: 01423 796 200.

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