Aluminium Shelving – 5 Key Benefits

As a leading designer and manufacturer of shelving for a wide range of industries, we take immense pride in only using the highest quality materials for our products. When choosing the right shelving, you need it to really deliver on what you’d expect from a quality piece of equipment, and by choosing Craven, you can be confident that you’re investing in exceptional quality and durability.

As we take pride in the materials we use to create our products, we wanted to give you a bit more of an insight as to why we choose aluminium for some of our shelving products. With so many benefits from the strength of the material to its recyclability, it’s safe to say that it’s a great choice for our catalogue of products.


1.    Shelving at its strongest

With our shelving products being used to store a variety of items and large quantities of stock for clients, we need them to be the strongest they can be, without being too heavy or difficult to assemble. Aluminium shelving is known for its strength to withstand weighted products and you can be confident that aluminium shelving from Craven won’t let you down.


2.    Can withstand varying temperatures

Suitable for cold rooms, food areas and sterile storage areas, our aluminium shelving can cater for practically any use. With its ability to withstand a range of temperatures, this particular shelving is perfect for catering, medical and healthcare, retail and pharmaceutical industries, as well as many more. If you have a specific question about what is best for your environment, speak to the Craven team.


3.    Durable and robust

Many of our clients are amazed with just how long their shelving lasts, which is thanks to how well aluminium can withstand wear and tear over the years. Our aluminium shelving is corrosion resistant, immune to UV rays and even weather-proof, so no matter where you need your storage, you can be confident it delivers to your exact requirements.


4.    Fully recyclable

The sustainability of our products is also important to us, and we always make sure our products are as environmentally friendly as possible. Our aluminium shelving is fully recyclable, but lasts as long as you need it to. We also remain a thoroughly British manufacturer, with approximately 95% of our products designed and produced in Knaresborough to the highest standards in the most eco-friendly manner.


5.    Flexible and lightweight

One of the best features of our aluminum shelving is that its flexibility makes it incredibly versatile. This means that alongside our standard product range, we also offer OEM and bespoke solutions to match specific storage and handling requirements. The material is also lightweight making it easier to transport and assemble too.


Need a shelving solution that won’t let you down?

Using our expertise and experience of more than 60 years, combined with the latest technologies, we offer space-saving design and innovation in storage and handling. If you’re looking for the right shelving for a specific purpose, browse our website for our standard range or get in touch with us regarding any bespoke projects. You can reach us on 01423 796 200 or email us at

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