Bespoke Design

We recognise the fact that our customers often require a solution that is unique to them. Craven Design works closely with our customers to turn their concepts in to reality.

We specialise in wire (often referred to as wirework), tube and sheet fabrications; in a variety of materials and finishes. We operate in numerous sectors, these include; retail, hospitality, catering, medical (hospital), office furniture, education and industrial. We already work with many household names of a range of products and can provide references upon request.

Our design capabilities are based on 3D modelling (SolidWorks). This coupled with our state of the art manufacturing processes in Yorkshire, allow us to provide you with well-engineered and cost-effective solution.

Typical stages of our development process are:-

  1. Confirm a project brief with the client.
  2. Produce concept designs (often with rendered images of finished products).
  3. Finalise specification.
  4. Produce prototype.
  5. Present and test prototype.
  6. Volume production.

Confirm a project brief with the client

The majority of our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacture) projects start off with a simple and previously unknown requirement from one of our customers, this can be anything from a retort tray for a rice retort, through to a rinsing basket for jet engine refurbishment to a non-standard size tray clearing trolley.


Produce concept designs

Produce concept designs; often with rendered images of finished products. Based on the requirement and base specification of the customer Craven will produce a basic design and often a rendered image, this will usually result in further revisions and consultation with us until the customer is satisfied at a final revision paper level.


Finalise specification

Once the customer is satisfied that the design and appearance of the product is fit for purpose the final drawing will be certified as such by the customer.


Produce prototype

The prototype production process will typically start with a New Product Design Meeting between Sales, Design, Purchasing and Production areas where arrangements are made to purchase any non-standard material or factored parts as part of the BOM (Bill of Materials). The most suitable and efficient routing around the factory will be agreed and all these elements of production will be costed so that prototype production will be completed.


Present and test prototype

Once the prototype has been manufactured it will then be checked once more by the Product Design Team to ensure that it meets with all specifications. It will then be presented to the user either at Craven’s factory or an end user site. Typically the prototype will then be tested under real conditions and time by the end user. Subject to these tests being satisfactory the end-user will authorise volume production.


Volume production

Volume production will commence once the end user is satisfied with the product and this will be closely be overseen by Production Managers to identify any areas where our manufacturing efficiency can be improved. In the majority of cases any identified improvements will result in shorter lead times or reduced unit cost for volume production.